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The Tea Room, mail, and photocopying

  • Honours students are encouraged to make use of the Departmental Tea Room (Room M3.31) to eat, chat, have tea, hang out, etc. Various groups meet several times a week in the tea room for coffee and discussions. Please enquire about this with anyone in the research group that you join during your project.
  • Most importantly, the Tea Room is where the department's coffee machine is located. There is also a milk steamer. Pods for the machine can be purchased from the MAM Main Office (currently, R55 for 10 pods).
  • The Tea Room houses the department's mail boxes. There is a mailbox for Honours students marked HONOURS. Please check it from time to time and remove your mail.
  • There is a photocopying machine in the Printing Room (which is next to the Tea Room). Each Honours student is allowed to make 500 photocopies for study use free of charge; thereafter you will be charged per page. Please see Ms Gisela McBride in Room M3.19.1 about how to use the the photocopy machine and how to record usage.
  • Arrangements can also be made to use a part of the photocopying allowance for Interlibrary Loans.