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Examinations, class records, and final marks

  • Honours modules offered by the Department are semesterized. First semester modules are usually examined in June, while second semester modules are usually examined in November. The exam for each module is typically 2-3 hours.
  • Examination timetables are finalized in consultation with students in April and September for the June and November examinations respectively. Examination timetables for modules offered by other departments are (of course) determined by those departments. Examination timetables for undergraduate modules are determined by the university.
  • Each lecturer, in consultation with the class, will​ finalize early in the semester how the class record is to be determined and how the class record will contribute towards the final mark for that module. 
  • The final mark for the programme is based on the weighted average of the final marks for the modules taken and projects done (the weightings for MAM4000W and MAM4001W are different and are given in the entries for those courses). If you have taken more modules than you need for credit, we will choose your best modules when calculating your final mark, subject to some rules that are listed in the entries for MAM4000W and MAM4001W.